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Everyone deserves a chance! You don’t choose your birth or the path that is laid out for you. See yourself as a child sitting there abandoned watching your mother being dragged off to prison, no thought to tomorrow, you know there is no tomorrow. Those children’s faces are what moved a beautiful heart to this creation that is The Nest.


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When a mother is charged for a crime and arrested, what happens to her children? Irene Baumgartner asked that question and the answer she got was simply… Nothing Happens!

The children are either left at that spot where their mother was arrested to fend for themselves or they are forced to grow up within the prison walls with them.

Irene discovered this, finding an aching need to create a middle ground to save these children’s innocence and lives and maintain the motherly bond.

She started The Nest, 13 years ago, a unique children’s’ home on the outskirts of Nairobi in Limuru, Kenya; that caters for children with mothers placed in jail.

These children survive entirely on donor funds that have given them the opportunity to see another day and the hope and chance to be part of a better life some day.

The home has come up with a grandeur scheme, a newly built Halfway House, where mothers reunite with their children and get another chance at life, as the house trains them and equips them with a skill to support in rebuilding theirs and their children’s lives.

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Peak into the lives of the wonderful, beautiful children of the Nest and help give them a better tomorrow ….

Will’s Africa Trust has donated a substantial amount of money to The Nest over the years. As you can imagine, with 80 children, there is a lot of cost entailed

Will’s Africa Trust aids The Nest in various ways;

  • We aim to give regular donations towards the running costs of the home.
  • Wendy is a member of The Advisory Committee formed to help Irene deal with the enormous responsibility of running such a home.
  • She raises funds specifically to pay for their medical costs and liaise with various doctors and hospitals to get them the care that they desperately need.

Will’s Africa Trust aids in several ways; in offsetting the general running costs of the orphanage, assisting in medical cases, in catering for subsidiary education costs and several additional costs incurred. Here is one of the many medical success stories that touched our hearts…

The year 2007 saw exceptionally high medical costs incurred, some of the children needing major medical or surgical intervention.

One particularly harrowing case is that of a little girl called ‘Lucy’, a child that arrived at the Nest in November 2006. ‘Lucy’ was 5 months old when she came to us and had been brutally raped by her own Father; she sustained terrible injuries and has needed three major surgeries in her short little life. Through the incredible generosity and kindness of so many people here and in Europe, who donated their time and money we have been able to provide ‘Lucy’ with the specialist care that she has needed.

Lucy is now a lively, healthy beautiful little girl; she has achieved most of her normal milestones. The surgery was a success and we are hoping that she will not need any further surgical intervention.

A few other children also needed major orthopaedic operations; these were skilfully carried out at a wonderful mission hospital called Kijabi. Will’s Africa Trust helped pay the bill by donating medical equipment which offset the costs!

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