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Will’s Africa Trust was started through the incredibly generous donations from our friends in lieu of flowers at Will’s funeral; raising an amazing £10,000.

Over the following years many wonderful friends added to the fund through their own individual, innovative efforts. Here are their stories…


A dear friend of ours, has teamed up with a friend, to take on a great challenge and aid in carrying on Will’s dream to help those that are in dire need of our help. This is his story;

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Wills took on risk after risk to achieve the legacy he has now left behind; this moved Cecilia Golding to take on her greatest phobia to support of Wills Africa Trust…this is her letter to Wendy Andrew:

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You too can take on your phobias or challenge yourself to something you always wanted to do and never got round to it. Try out your own fundraising challenge and help support Will's Africa Trust continue the legacy. Here are more ideas to help you make your own Will’s Trust footprints.

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