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Collars for animals can be cute as well as practical but this time they can also save lives.


We are working to fulfil Wills' legacy and help Africa in any way that we can. These are the current project ideas we are thinking of carrying out. Help us in this poll by voting for the best project for us to sponsor as well as contributing your own project ideas.

The constant rising numbers in the Kenyan population has contributed to a dramatic increase in the incidents of Human Animal conflict, particularly those involving elephants.

In many cases, the wild animals have bullet wounds or are suffering terrible injuries caused by spears and snares. That’s why there is a strong need to protect and save these animals.

There was a recent, unfortunate turn of events during a joint rescue effort to free an elephant stuck in a hole that turned ugly. In a residential area near Rumuruti in the outskirts of Kenya, a request was made to salvage a trapped elephant. The rescue team armed with a tranquilizer gun, rope and tractor set forth on their mission only to find themselves, forming a human shield to protect the elephant from an angry mob, chanting “Kill it! Kill it!” This wasn’t due to a hunger for ‘free’ meat but the deep seated rage for the devastating damage strayed elephants have done to their property. But for Will’s, he knew that man and elephant can live peacefully side by side and he dedicated his life to achieving this mission.

This plight plaguing man-elephant relationships is the reason behind Ian and Oria Douglas Hamilton’s, (Save the Elephants or Elephant Watch programme) research project. It will enable them to track offending elephants by using collars that emit a signal to a given mobile phone when the Elephant wanders into a high risk area, thus allowing action to be taken to drive the animal back to where it should be.

Sponsor an elephant; help buy it a collar and learn more about this moving venture;
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Wills met his elephants and developed his passion; he wanted to make a difference, to live his life in Africa doing all that he could to conserve Africa and her elephants. In his memory we knew we had to keep his dreaming going, we approach Iain and Oria Douglas Hamilton, world renowned elephant experts and become to play our part in their Elephant conservation projects.

They are in the process of launching a new research project; involving high tech collars, satellite imaging and mobile phone technology. Will’s Africa Trust has purchased one of these collars and will soon have it fitted on a young bull elephant that will aptly be named Wills.

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