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Everyone deserves a chance! You don’t choose your birth or the path that is laid out for you. See yourself as a child sitting there abandoned watching your mother being dragged off to prison, no thought to tomorrow, you know there is no tomorrow. Those children’s faces are what moved a beautiful heart to this creation that is The Nest.

What it is
When a mother is charged for a crime and arrested, what happens to her children? Irene Baumgartner asked that question and the answer she got was simply… Nothing Happens!

The children are either left at that spot where their mother was arrested to fend for themselves or they are forced to grow up within the prison walls with them.

You can never relive your childhood and that’s why these few precious moments shared are sculpted deeply into these children’s hearts; Moments that share soul and fun with a unique children’s home. Let’s bring music, excitement and the world of imagination to the spirited, beautiful children of The Nest.

What it is
Earlier in the year Wendy met a wonderful woman called Bee Gilbert through a mutual friend who was convinced Bee and her would be soul mates and she was perfectly right. Bee is an amazing woman who had unfortunately lost her son Anno to a car accident five years ago. He was an incredible young man, a talented poet and musician who was on his way to fame when he died.

Collars for animals can be cute as well as practical but this time they can also save lives.

What it is
The constant rising numbers in the Kenyan population has contributed to a dramatic increase in the incidents of Human Animal conflict, particularly those involving elephants.

In many cases, the wild animals have bullet wounds or are suffering terrible injuries caused by spears and snares. That’s why there is a strong need to protect and save these animals.

Cynthia Moss and her research team have been closely observing Amboseli elephants since 1972 to attain a greater understanding of these highly celebrated wild elephants of the world. The team has attained an in-depth knowledge of these intelligent and complex animals. The revelations from Amboseli form the basis of contemporary understanding of elephants and provide the tools needed to conserve and protect them.

What it is
The trust comprises of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants and the African Elephant Conservation Trust. It is a Kenya and USA based knowledge and awareness program to promote elephant conservation through long-term research projects, training, capacity building, community relations, public awareness and advocacy.


We are working to fulfil Wills’ legacy and help Africa in any way that we can. These are the current project ideas we are thinking of carrying out. Help us in this poll by voting for the best project for us to sponsor as well as contributing your own project ideas.

Sponsor a university student pursuing an ecology degree
Sponsor a child go to school
Sponsor an environment club/ project / student trip fee/student membership fee.
Adopt an endangered animal/ rare animal/ animal in an orphanage or park.

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