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Daisy, our beloved daughter, with the help of Sherborne Girls school, held a memorial service one Sunday, it was very well attended and the collection revealed just how generous those girls are! It raised over £600!!

Sherborne boys school, chose Will’s Africa Trust as one of their designated charities for the coming year, they have a very active fundraising committee of which our other beloved son Alexander is a member. They have already and continue to raise substantial sums for us!

Poppy Moynan, my wonderful goddaughter, and a great friend of Wills, undertook to do the Christopher Nolan half Marathon. She raised precious funds and also did the marathon in a very respectable time!!

Liz Oatts, a close family friend, and some of her friends ran a marathon. Imagine taking on about 40 kilometers? Well that’s what they did. What a fantastic effort. Thank you.

Angus Macdonald made a collection at a British Army dinner he hosted at the Muthaiga club in Nairobi. We are continually surprised by how everybody dug deeply into their pockets.

Anna Parkinson, an upcoming and very talented young photographer, and also good friend of Wills, published her first book called Safaris and Sundowners. It is a beautiful recipe book and is dedicated to Wills; some of the money she raises comes to Will’s Africa Trust. (The book can be bought through us or can be found in all major bookshops in Kenya).

Helen Arthur is co author of the book. She is a world authority on Whiskies, and has helped us twofold by hosting a whiskey tasting dinner at the Muthaiga Club, all proceeds of which came to the Trust.

Ian Gibbs, an old family friend, ran a marathon in great time. Thank you for this wonderful effort in supporting Will’s Trust. 

Prue Castle is the mother of one of Daisy’s friends, who donated a generous sum of money raised at a sale of hoodies through Sherborne.

Barbara Hannah, an old friend from Ireland and her son Christopher a great friend of Wills’, held a mini riding event at her home. What an innovative and spirited way of raising money, we are very grateful.

Celandine Wade, Wills’ cousin, a student at Benenden School, worked hand in hand with the school and raised a substantial amount of funds at the annual Two Generation tennis and Croquet tournament! They did spectacularly well and have kindly said that there are more fundraising opportunities on the horizon for us there.
Watch this space!

I held a pre-Christmas sale here in my garden in November, we asked for donations at the door and the stall holders gave a percentage of their profits to the Trust. It was a beautiful day and many of my wonderful friends came to help. JJ deserves a special mention for her tenacity in extracting donations from the innocents who came through the door!

Finally, this year, we have launched the sale of our DESIGNER HOODIES and several other items of clothing, which all sport the W.A.T. logo. We have made them uniquely Kenyan by sewing kikoys into the hoods (not in the boys’ ones) and they look fantastic! The first batch sold like hotcakes and the second is on its way!

Click here and find other fun fundraising ideas you can use or share with us your own fundraising ideas.
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