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Don't ever stay out too late.

A couple of friends had come down to Kenya for a visit. We decided to tour the national park which turned out to be quite an adventure. Clicking away taking pics of the cute little gazelles sprinting about we stumbled on a pride of lions lazing at the side of the road. It was an amazing sight though one of the guys wanted to climb out and get a better pic but luckily I'm the one with the brains in our friendship so that was definitely out of the question. They were beautiful, with their cute little baby cubs strutting about.

We took on the road, zig zagging about enjoying the sights and lost track of time. That's when the real adventure begun! We had passed the curfew and we were far out from the main gate. We began making tracks towards the nearest exit which we found locked due to the hour. Panic was far from our minds; it was exhilarating, as we weaved from one gate to the other and bumped into another lost veteran who hoped we knew where we were going.

Taking charge, we led the way towards the main gate as darkness eased itself in. As we were taking the next turn that would lead us safely out, smack in the middle of the track stood bold and terrifyingly large, a lone, male, adult buffalo. Of course one of my friends decided to go into great lengths explaining how dangerous lone bulls are, as we were cruising straight towards it. In attempt to get away from the lone bull, my friend slammed on the brakes with remarkable precision and utter panic, as the bull stood glaring at us without the slightest hint of moving from the path. Speeding off in reverse, not really sure where my friend was heading, we had all forgotten about the lost veteran who was behind us and with a rather loud bang, we ran into his bullbars. Let's say we eventually got out of the park a few minutes later laughing our lungs out.can't wait to do that again.


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