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Thanks to many generous, giving souls we have managed to turn Wills' dream into a reality. Kindly join our growing list of wonderful people some of whom are still in school and have raised a substantial amount of money for Will's Africa Trust.

Any form of donation is greatly appreciated:

One click to make a onetime donation online

Or better still One click to make a regular monthly donation online

Or One click to make a lifelong endowment. By putting us in your will you will secure your place in our future


Send us a cheque

Made payable to Will’s Africa Trust,


c/o Andrew Oatts
Seniors Cottage
Shifts buy
Dorset SP7 9AX

To Kenya

P.O. Box 1328 00502

Regular monthly donation idea

Sponsor an elephant; help buy it a collar.

Visit and learn how you too can help the elephants live and roam free.

Click here to make your own Will’s Trust footprints. Help raise funds through your own or one of these fundraising ideas

Let's give them a Tomorrow... Click here to read more

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