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Thank you so much for the person you are, for what you do and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.
Skydiving was never something that I saw myself doing, as someone who is scared of heights! Having said that, it has undoubtedly been the most rewarding experience I have ever had. Standing on stage infront of the whole school with Cel (Celandine Wade, Wills’ cousin), may have been scarier than the actual jump but could not have made the experience more worth while; showing people what work you do and how much it affects people’s lives and changes them for the better.  You won’t believe how generous and enthusiastic everyone at school was, teachers included!
What basically happened is that I (and my three brothers) woke up at about seven am, drove to the skydiving place, called Sydney Skydivers, (or something like that!), got made to dress up in ridiculous boiler suits, sign our lives away and then wait around for about three hours, growing gradually more nervous. After a two minute 'training' course, we finally clambered into the rather rickety looking plane and ten minutes later, I was the last one still in there, with a strange man strapped to my back and my feet dangling out of the door! By this point, adrenaline had taken over and it wasn't too scary. Falling at such high speed was absolutely fantastic, and considering the things that some people put themselves through for charity, like running across deserts, I feel like I got off pretty lightly, and really enjoyed myself!
I am very sorry to hear that there are even more abandoned children coming in, I would absolutely love to spend some time out there with you and Cel, actually meeting the children that you are so lucky to know and help. I’m aiming to do so during my Gap year.

Lots of love and thanks,

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