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William, our dear William! At the ripe age of 19 my son had found his calling, his calling lay in Africa and his heart, in her beautiful African Elephants.

That fateful day November 11th, no-one would have been short of elated and proud watching Will's avidly play his role aiding the rescued African elephants.

He courageously mounted the young elephant's back when she was unexpectedly startled. She instinctively begun to rise before Will's was firmly settled and he in avertedly slipped off. Panic stricken, she lashed out in self-defence and flung him with her trunk onto a wooden pole.

The injuries sustained to his head were irreversible and they proved fatal to us all on the Eve of Christmas, 2005.

William was a wild, beautiful toddler, teenaager and young man; he lived a life less ordinary and filled our world with his vitality and enthusiasms.

Always pushing the boundaries, paying lip service to the rules of convention, he showed us the way life should be lived.

He was no longer our little boy, he had grown up. Will's was driving along a remote bush road, with only Daisy and myself as passengers, when a tyre blew out. He calmly brought the car to a halt and began to change the wheel. That's when it occurred to my husband and I, we were no longer the only people there to take responsibility; our little boy had grown into a man.

Over the last year we watched fondly as Will's and his brother, Alexander, forged a bond that was beyond inseparable. His was the only advice and voice that Alexander would listen to, they had become the best of friends. The gaping hole left in Alexander's life goes without saying.

Daisy, too, had a wonderful affinity with Will's, he was the big brother that everybody loved and wanted. He was her champion and still is. Whenever she is in a difficult situation she stops and asks herself what he would have done in the same circumstances and she always gets the right answer, what a legacy to have left.

Will's had a gifted mind which blessed him with a life that was far from ordinary. He was going to make a difference in the conservation world, not through conventional channels, but through action and highlighting the plight of Africa's magnificent animals.

These are the reasons we decided to establish Will's Africa Trust, to honour the remarkable footprints of Will's life by creating the positive change he desired for Africa.

His was a heart full of generosity and kindness and that legacy will live on through Will's to Africa.

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